Watch From Prada to Nada (2011) Movie Online Free

A Spoiled sisters have no love to their wealth and to their family. They always happy go lucky type of children it because their belong to a millionaire family. One is studying a LAW and the other is an undergrad party girl. They a luxurious mansion house. One dream someday she gone be a model in Beverly Hills. One day their father die with the illness. They didn't know how to manage their family business and got bankrupt. They realize that someday they will penniless and poor. Before will happen they go to their Aunt in Eastern L.A. they find a way to live and survive. There two luxury cars are traded to a Public Bus for business and a old used car for their personal use.  They are terrified to leave their world of privilege; neither Nora nor Mary speak Spanish or have ever had to take on actual responsibility. The girls gradually adapt to their new environment. As they embrace the culture that for so long they refused to accept, they both discover romance, the true meaning of family, and they learn that the life of PRADA actually means NADA without love, family and community. The lesson they have learn is at early age they must follow what their parent want to them and obey some rules of being a children. Because as many old millionaires said the life begins at 40 years of age.