Watch The Roommate (2011) Movie Online Free

A college freshmen girl who studying in a exclusive girl school and that school has a dormitory. She saw her roommate and she admirer the beauty of that. At first she want to be her friend with her. They always go out together. Go to a bar together and one day she realize that her feeling is not normal. She think first she was in love with her but the time come she obsess at end. Everyday she want to see or be with her always and if her roommate has a other companion she feel jealous. Then her roommate feel also that her roommate is obsess of her. That why slow she change and frequently step away with her. But the obsess girl feel that. It is the start of violent reaction and she cannot accept the fact that her roommate don't like that behavior. If you had feel this way you should go to specialist for treatment. Once your obsess its hard to get away of it. If you have encounter a person who obsess of you, you should step away of her/him for you security and safety. A obsess person can to crime if they can't get what they want. Obsess and addiction are the same.