Watch I Am Number Four (2011) Movie Online Free

He is the one must protect the nine Lorien children and he must hide them to Earth. But he is only a 15 year old boy. But he is fit for a Garde, a Lorien who possess certain gifts and abilities that help him protect others. These gifts, or Legacies, begin to appear throughout the movie. The starring rule is a big break for John Smith. John Smith encounters unexpected, life-changing events his first love, powerful new abilities and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny. After his first Legacy arrives, John begins to train in combat. John can eventually turn his lights on and off by will. John also makes his first real friend, Sam Goode, who believes in aliens. He also grows closer to Sarah. At a town Halloween party, John, Sarah, Sam and Sarah’s friend Emily are ambushed by Mark and his football teammates. John, who is enraged by Mark’s constant bullying and the fact that he has kidnapped Sarah, finds, confronts and defeats him. Sam sees John’s lights, and begins to avoid him. Sarah and John kiss.John confronts Sam, and Sam turns a gun on him, asking who he really is, but John convinces him he isn’t an alien. At a Thanksgiving dinner, John is worried when Henri doesn’t turn up at the Hart place after going in search of the publishers of Sam’s alien conspiracy magazine. John calls Sam for help, and the two go to Athens, Ohio, where they find Henri. John’s telekinesis Legacy appears and he uses it to save both Henri and Sam. Sam is told the truth about both John and Henri after seeing John uses telekinesis, and accepts them for who they are. John’s training begins to intensify.John and Sarah continue to grow even closer. John asks Henri is it possible for humans to love Loriens. Henri says that Loriens and humans have interbred before, creating exceptionally talented children, some which included the Greek gods. Henri warns John not to get too attached to Sarah, as Lorien love is different to human love. This a wonderful movie to be watch. And wait for many sequel of this movie. It will amaze us for visual effects and how they use there power.