Watch Rio (2011) Movie Online Free

An animation movie will hit this holy weekend. 20th Century Fox production it will give us another go bonding to our kids in the big screen. Blu is a domesticated Macaw who never learned to fly, and enjoys a comfortable life with his owner and best friend Linda in the small town of Moose Lake, Minnesota. Blu and Linda think heÂ’s the last of his kind, but when they learn about another macaw who lives in Rio de Janeiro, they head to the faraway and exotic land to find Jewel, Blu's female counterpart. Not long after they arrive, Blu and Jewel are kidnapped by a group of bungling animal smugglers. Blu escapes, aided by the street smart Jewel and a group of wisecracking and smooth-talking city birds. During his seven years on "Saturday Night Live" (NBC, 1975- ), actor and stand-up comedian Tracy Morgan rose to fame playing several memorable characters, including Astronaut Jones, a retro lounge-singing space traveler infatuated with female aliens, and impersonating Mike Tyson, Star Jones and Busta Rhymes.